Friday, 16 March 2018

More Yasso 800s

Tired but wanted to do the session irrespective. It was clear after 400ms on the usual Embankment Super-highway that I had little energy.  Got them done though and 2 more than last week for 10 sets with a strict 400m active recovery inbetween.

16km in 4.42s with the 800 average only in the low 2.50s. This week is going to be BIG!

Football gods, please please let Palace take 3 away points tomorrow.

Thursday laps with Messi

Worked from home meeting Messi at 11.30 for 75 mins around the park on a nice day once the rain had passed. 17k in 4.24s with both of us still a tad hungover.

Tried to relax some in the afternoon which is always a challenge for me. Reading the Matt Fitzgerald ‘how bad do you want it?’ book. Interesting first chapter about Sammy Wanjiru.

Jack back from his latest 7s tournament at Kent County schools with a near 100% conversion rate:

Thursday, 15 March 2018


AM - early meet with Dan for MLR into work. 24k and absolutely knackered. 2 hours.

Lunch - 1 hour with Mark P smashing my glutes which I just don’t use.

Evening - met Melbourne Dors (one of my oldest mates) at Blackfriars to take train home to ours to watch the Chelsea vs Messi’s beloved Barca (Messi meeting us there).

Nice evening but sore head this morning.

Tempo time (20k stop start)

Tempo time but not Sammy time. Did not have it today. Laboured to 10k in 3.45s and stopped, I had 20k planned. Decided I needed to do another 10k but stopped after 5k (3.41s) and then continued to labour for another 5k (3.44s).

May be it was due to the lingering effects of the virus or may be just not fit. Anyway another 28k done.  The wind did not help on the back straight which is usually the ‘recovery’ part of the loop but disappointing all the same. Moreover, I felt shattered for the rest of the day.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Going to miss you Fleet Street

AM - jogged on the treadmill with Coach Mark P on the one next to me - that’s a first!  Annoying lingering effects tho of the general ‘yuckness’!

Lunch - 60 mins with Mark on core.

Tummy bug ‘yuck’ weekend

A tummy bug kept me low over the weekend but needed the rest all the same. Busy 2 days playing Dad as well as Dad’s birthday and Mother’s day taking the family to Hibagon sushi in Sydenham.

Timmy will be amused that Ryder played against the famous Ten-Em-Bee, the club where Ian Wright started.

We also visited baby Beth with my bro’s family also there. On that Dave is actually getting fit. 4 years my junior he just chalked up 3rd on the very well trodden Wickham Way strava section (the long road at the bottom of my road used by 1000s of cyclists). Holy cow!

The crew of grandchildren in full attendance:

Friday, 9 March 2018

Yasso 800s

Finally a decent running day after a good nights sleep.

I summoned Dan to the Embankment mid morning for 8 x Yasso 800s with an active 400m recovery. The new cycle highway is clear of cyclists at that time and conditions were good.

Splits below (2.42 average) with a 400m recovery (2.22s). Both of us felt good today with Dan holding his own but most pleasing was the consistency.

After a quick shower I raced back to my office to eat before meeting Rachael (5 Talents charity director) for another run. Very pleasant again catching up through the royal parks on all things running, the charity and Kenya. I honestly think she can run under 3 hours in London. She has it in her!

As for Dan if he sorts out his nutrition there is no reason why he can’t run a low a 2.50. He should take a lot of confidence from today.

MLR with Dan

No sleep after a few pints last night meant I was even more knackered this morning. I literally crawled out of bed at 6am to meet Dan at Bromley South and complained the entire way with Dan bouncing along as usual.

24k in a little over 5s.

After lunch with J at Borough Market we picked up Rydie from school before all visiting Mia and baby Beth at home.

Double day Vance Joy

With running the MLR on Thursday I tried another session. VERY ordinary again running first thing a mix of 3.45s to 3.40s on the work treadmill. 10k.

Mid afternoon - ran another 10k absolutely knackered on the work treadmill. 4.18s.

PM - with J and Tommy at Brixton Academy to see Vance Joy, unsurprisingly packed with Aussies. Nice evening having eaten at Tiger & Pig in Brixton Village beforehand. Reckon Brixton has to be one of the IN places in Europe right now. As a kid I dared not set foot in the place but now it is awash with culture!


Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Met Messi pre work for the 8k tempo. My shoelace came undone after 2k and never got my mojo back. No energy after all the ks. Probably finished with a average only in the low 3.40s. Nowhere near good enough and a confidence denter! 16k in 4.22s.

Boys this morning eating brekkie:


Jogged 6.5k at lunch and 3.5k from TS. Then the madness started:

1. Resigned from work after 17.5 years. Massive
2. Went to Palace with Lukie
3. Lost 3-2 having led 2-0 after HT, horror show. That’s 2 FA cup finals now and countless league games against my most hated team. Selhurst was absolutely rocking
4. If that was not bad enough poor Jack was with his coach in front row complementary tickets in the Man U end and got mobbed by Matic as he celebrated with their supporters. He’s now scarred for life
5. Mia named baby M ‘Beth’ (my new niece) - the one piece of good news!
6. Told my Mum and Dad that we are moving back to Australia. Sob sob sob.....

All round tough day.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Messi's Long Run (38ks / 140 for the week)

I was unsure with > 100kms in the legs over the last 5 days as we set off in the direction of Knockholt and the planned longer Hilly Long (his version). The roads today were basically clear of snow thank goodness but there were still the odd icy patches to be weary of.  Settling into 4.35s time passed quickly chatting about all things Laura Muir, his beloved Barca (with the looming top of the table clash with Athletico this afternoon) and plenty more.

The advantage of delaying the first right-hander to Knockholt is that the hills are not as aggressive but irrespective we still covered the best part of 400m vertical meters today.  Now through the village and the short left right to the Indian Restaurant we reached the high point in around 1 hour 50 minutes. Thereafter it was just a case of keeping the rhythm going, swallowing a quick gel as the average kept falling to mid 4.20s.

Now onto Jackass Lane we spied Kip'Rory ahead catching him and exchanging words of encouragement as we pushed the last 5ks in 4 minutes per k.  I actually felt good at this point having felt a bit groggy around the 26km marker.

Another great session to finish with 38kms in 4.21s.
140km covered in the last 6 days.

Lloyd PR followed by snow skating

Norman Park PR was cancelled because of the weather so Messi suggested running over to Lloyd PR direction Croydon.  It's about 9k there and the 5k PR was in thick snow which was as close to a snowy cross country as you'll get.

Everyone else had spikes or trail shoes on whereas I had my usually trusted Wave Ryders which gave me zero grip.  Messi ran off into the distance whereas I just focussed on staying upright.

I never felt great today and the last 3k home felt like the end of a long run. 21ks in 4.55s, knackered but another great strength conditioning run in the snow. Right hip tight and needs to be closely watched.

Jack and Lukie snow skating in Bromley this afternoon - they had an utter ball innovating by removing the trucks of their skateboards:

Artic Friday

I worked from home to avoid more of the snow chaos.

Lunch - ran with Messi and it was bitterly cold yet again.  The wind was freezing all of the road surfaces which meant black ice everywhere.  We had planned on 20km but that went quickly out the window as we ran on the grass, running the summer Park Run laps.

Thereafter a quick bite to eat at Wagamama in Bromley with Jacqui and Jack. Tommy and Jack's schools were closed again today - not likely that they will have that same reprieve any time soon.

14ks in 5s.

Thursday, 1 March 2018


2 hours and more for the long 24k commute with DS. The worst part was the initial bit down to Bromley South - my hands literally froze.

Blackheath common was a white out and there were actual snow drifts to the extent that D and I had to rescue a helpless or hapless more like lady who had gotten her car stuck in one of the drifts. Daniel summoned me to give a helping hand to register our good deed for the day.

Now into Greenwich Park it got even more blizzardly (if that’s a word) and even spied a dude with his downhill skis wearing boots and all.

Back onto the river path with the easterly now on our backs it got more pleasant with D asking for nutritional advice. Holy cow, I am the last person he should be asking! Hopefully the cold made him forget it all.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

3 x 5k avoiding the beast from the east

17k on treadmill: 3 x 5k on 3.45s

London is as cold and snowy as I have ever known it to be. Totally bonkers.